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let's BLOG!!! XD
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Notice in the title I put Tegoshi-kun instead of Tesshi like I normally refer to him as. Well I thought he's 21 now so maybe I should pay a little more respect? Hehe~ mind you I was sorely tempted to write ero-ouji ... >o< Such a funny inside joke made by Ucchan. I love Ucchan ah~ but that's something else not to go into right now.

So wow Tesshi is 21 now! In some parts of the world age 21 is special and anyone turning 21 throws some huge party or something. I don't really get it but yeah that's what happens. However Japan doesn't think 21 is special. More like 20 or 'Hatachi' so today will just be a usual birthday for Tegoshi. ^-^ Nonetheless I'm sure he'll be showered with even more affection from his mother and grandma. Funny I don't hear much about Tesshi's father. Hmm ... does he work out of town as well like Yabu's father? Saa~na.

Can't believe it's been a year already! Just like with Massu and Shige's birthday and recently Ryo-chan as well, celebrating their birthday for the 2nd time means I've officially been in the fandom for over a year now! It feels strange but good at the same time. And just cause I was too busy on the 3rd to wish Ryo-chan happy birthday then, I'll say it now as well!

亮ちゃん24歳誕生日おめでとう!!!^ _ ^

A short bit about Ryo-chan. I think I came to love Nishikido-kun a lot more during the span of a year. Whereas with the other members my opinion didn't change much, with Ryo-chan it did. I grew to like him more and more because of how he's more 'nice' now or maybe he was always nice but just starting to think it's ok to show it too. I like seeing his 'nice' side rather than the poison tongue everyone used to say he was. Now when he bullies Shige it's like ah~ I know you love him! Kind of feeling. >o< Also I think watching all those eito clips that gargie sent me helped me see even more sides to the popular idol Nishikido Ryo! And I find that I like what I see hence my growing fondness of him. I may still like Massu, Shige, Tesshi (the younger ones) sort of 'more' than I do Ryo-chan but that's probably cause those 3 are closer in age to me anyhow. He's a good older idol to look up to and well I don't really believe all those weird rumours about him that came up this year especially the biting one. However I have to admit I was too scared to watch Last Friends. I don't like watching DV or abuse dramas in general and I certainly didn't really want to see Ryo-chan beat up anyone even if it is Masami (whom I don't like ...) ^^;; So sorry Ryo-chan for not watching that drama of yours! I'll gladly watch anything else you act in though!

Hmm so for Ryo-chan, I hope that he shows even more of his 'nice' side so that more and more people will come to see how kind-hearted he is and fall for him (or even more if you're already a fan!) just like I did. Oh and just for Shige's sake, lay off him a bit ok? I know you love him but Shige seriously suffers from lack of confidence sometimes so ... ^^;; Anyways Ryo-chan I hope you had a crazy 24th birthday on the 3rd a few days ago! I just know Kanjani8 members must've done something special for you and maybe you even called up Akanishi or something and went out! I just hope you didn't bite anyone! Hehe jokes! ^w^

Another thing is that Tegoshi and Ryo-chan's bdays always come in the busiest time of the year for me. In the midst of studying for exams I really shouldn't be taking huge amounts of time out to write long bday entries or to reflect on me being in the fandom for however long. But I just feel obligated as a fan to at the very least acknowledge their birthdays on the actual day (like today) or at least acknowledge that I remember it was a few days ago but I was too busy blah blah ~ something like that. I'm not sure why but I feel obligated to do it hence why I'm taking time out now. Although to be fair I really will try to make this shorter than usual so I can get some sleep and wake up to do even MORE study (great~ -_-;;).

Ok now for Tesshi I will always be grateful to Tesshi for introducing me to the most interesting bangumi EVER!! 「世界の果てまでイッテQ」is my absolute FAVOURITE show now. It beats all other shows! Even music bangumis like Heyx3 or Music Station (which aside from the music is quite automated and bland) . I like ALL the regulars! Tegoshi of course but by watching all the boukens I've come to grow fond of Uchimura-san, Daisuke-san, Becky, Nakajima (who is sooo pretty) and Matsushima, Kaneko-san and even Morisanchu. Also I really like Fukuda Saki whom I got to know by watching the Bijyosagashi series (one of my favs). I think my fav HAS to be the Matsuri series especially when the Danshi team goes out together. Anyways I'll stop blabbing about ItteQ but being a regular on a popular program (albeit a bit kid-oriented) is very good for Tesshi. It gives him much more exposure and makes him more of a household name, not to the level of Yamapi where all the housewives fall in love with but more like the kiddies thinks he's cool. Like that ep where Becky went to find that huge flower and the kid there wanted her to get together with Tegoshi cause he's "kakkoii". When the little girl said that I felt so proud. Not quite sure why I feel like that but just that Tegoshi has gone from the busaiku days to being seen as "kakkoii" by the littlies just warms my heart. ALTHOUGH I believe it might feed his ego a bit too much sometimes like in the bijyosagashi series. It's almost ALWAYS a given that the girl would chose him. Well duh considering all the other choices ... however I'm quite surprised a few girls chose Uchimura-san though. I guess Ucchan must've been kakkoii in his days too hehe. Nonetheless hopefully it won't make him too egocentric or anything. TESSHI I STILL BELIEVE IN YOU!!! ^o^

So in the span of a year since his last birthday I've gotten to know Tesshi more through ItteQ and see more sides of him. Did my opinion of him change? Hmmn ... not really I think. I still won't date him though. :p hehe~ yup I still think he's too similar to me that's why. He'd be a sweet guy to his gf though that's for sure. So romantic. Ah~ I guess one thing that surprises me is that in the span of a year Tesshi became even MORE romantic. Or maybe he's just more open about it now. He talked about it alot during Aiaigasa promos and on K-chan NEWS he's become the "shishou" of Mousou kiss situation corner! XD Quite impressive!! ^-^

Well Tegoshi-kun, I hope you have a lovely 21st birthday!! You're well past the teenage years now and the awkwardness you used to have back in those days. May you continue to grow comfortable into your idol role and become loved by even more kiddies and housewives as the sweet guy that you are. Oh I wish you find yourself that ideal girl that you're always going on about wanting!!! ^__^

love one of your adoring fans

5th-Sep-2008 08:18 pm - Kiss~ music box version

uwa~h I feel like I'm floating on a cloud~!

no really!

this is Kiss~帰り道のラブソング オルゴール version and it's just as good if not BETTER than the original song!!!

the xylophone/glockenspiel(?? wait it says orgel ... what's an orgel?? o_O) really brings out the melody and emphasises certain main parts.

I love it!!!

It's been on ヘビーロテ for quite awhile now. So much so that I've lost track of how many times the melody has been playing~! It's just so soothing.

All the more reason why 「Kiss~帰り道のラブソング」 is my absolute fav song of all time. Even アイアイ傘 doesn't compare although I love that song too. I dunno, it's probably the lyrics. I know アイアイ傘 also has sweet lyrics but Kiss~ just blows me away. If possible, like that girl, I want to play that song at my wedding too~! It'll be the BEST wedding ever~ hopefully to Massu! XD Or maybe I just really really like the melody. Cause listening to the music box version really brings out the melody and it's a very sweet melody. ^-^

There are other music box versions of Johnny's songs too. I should stop Kiss~ and go listen to the others.

... But maybe just one more time first ... ^^;;
1st-Sep-2008 03:23 am - Lost Time Life
It may be kinda late but I just finished watching ep 2 of Lost Time Life, the one where Koyama stars as a detective. Yeah the one where I can't figure out what it is by the title even though I keep reading it over and over. Wha~? Lost. Time. Life. Those three words are all normal english words but together they just don't ... match. -__-;;

So yeah I just finished watching it and I absolutely don't like it at all!!!


Cause Koyama dies!!! ;_;


*sigh* No I actually like it (except for the mute referee guys マジでうざい!) .

Cause Koyama dies?

Of course not!!! @_@

I didn't know much about the story or anything. It wasn't particularly hard to follow but I did get confused about the fake passport bit. After rewatching though I get it. That Aizawa guy couldn't be arrested if the case is closed but it can be reopened if there's proof he went overseas (not sure why though maybe cause they might eventually come back so you need unlimited time to arrest him?).

Anyways to begin with, I'm still confused whether it's a drama or a butai cause I think I saw somewhere that Koyama was in a Lost Time Life butai??? Koyama also mentioned the story a bit when he was on iitomo, something about getting extra time the moment before death. So I thought it was FUNNY! Like a comedy drama/butai! That's why I decided to watch it just now, cause I wanted to watch something short and lighthearted while I eat my tonkotsu ramen (oh! Kei-chan = RAMEN I didn't think of that ... ^^) to refresh me before working on that assignment! Plus when I was skimming through (to see what it was about) I saw the part where Koyama said he's only been detective for 3 days but he got himself killed ... just the way Koyama said it sounded funny and lighthearted.

But no! It actually made me CRY!!!

Why the hell did I think it was a comedy? I'm seriously thinking why as well. Maybe cause I thought that extra time would be spent doing things you'll never have the chance to do (since you're going to die and all) but would've wanted to try once in your life? I dunno ... like go skydiving or bungy jumping? Then you'll have no regrets when you go back to ... die. -_-;; Arrgh! It's just the way Koyama said it on iitomo didn't seem like it was going to be ::that:: sad! It might be a bit melancholic since you ::are:: going to die and all but I thought maybe at the most you'd go visit your family and tell them how much you love them so that it'll be an EMOTIONAL but ultimately happy feeling since you got to see your family before you die.

But no no no!!! I never want to see Koyama 'die' in front of my eyes ever again!!! When he put on that bullet vest I thought for sure he'll be ok but when he saw the bullet slowly moving towards Gomi-san as well ... I knew what was going to happen. And ::that's:: when the tears started to fall. I hated it! And it was terrible hearing those gun shots too! What makes it worse is 小山優しいから I just know he would do the same if that really was him and the situation was actual reality. I may not know him personally but somehow I can so easily see Koyama not choosing any other way but to sacrifice himself. I just can't see him being selfish and letting an old man who has suffered so much just die like that. Which is exactly WHY I hated hated HATED watching that part!!! It was like I was seeing Koyama (the real one) choose death instead of being selfish and that really hurts! 小山が死んでほしくない!!!死んだら、お母さんとおねえちゃんとはるちゃんとシゲはどうする!!!そんなの想像したくないから。。。 Please let this scenario never EVER happen in real life! Let 'what happens in dramas differ from reality'!!!


And just why am I blogging about this instead of working on that comp assignment that is so very hard???

Cause Koyama is special! ^_~

At least I won't regret this! ^-^
18th-Jul-2008 11:38 pm(no subject)
Having just finished Honey & Clover, it kinda made me think. For a drama that had quite a lot of boring bits and at times frustrated me to no end, especially when I saw Takemoto, my fav Hachikuro chara (there’s also my liking for Toma as well), repeatedly fail in getting Hagu-chan’s affections, Honey & Clover the drama had a really really REALLY good ending!!! I was really pleasantly surprised. I was expecting a crap ending actually, especially with the frustrating ep 10 where Takemoto gave up everything for Hagu but still didn’t reach the hospital before Morita. So to have it end so wonderfully is just one great surprise that I’m not sorry to have! ^-^ What I really loved about it, was just how ::realistic:: the drama is. It didn’t have some overly dramatic sappy love ending where either Hagu and Morita got together forever and ever or somehow things turned 360 degrees and Takemoto finally got the girl since he spent all that time helping Hagu-chan do rehabili. Nor did things end absolutely tragically with something like Hagu’s hand never recovering EVER and she will never paint again EVER *tear*. Or Ayumi never ever getting over Mayama until the end of time because boo hoo~ you never get over your first love EVER. Like seriously NEVER!

Nope! The ending was nothing like that. Not even close. And I love it that way. ^__^ I remember reading a review of ハチミツとクローバー before, it was for the manga/anime, and it claimed that ハチミツとクローバー had a nice ‘slice of life’ feel to it. I think I only understand what that meant now. Before I just thought it meant Honey & Clover was a story with a real life setting. As in no machines/guns, robots, futuristic world, or magic, sorcery and imaginative alternate worlds. It ::can:: mean that, and it’s true that it’s set in ‘real life’ time at an art uni but I think what that reviewer really meant is that the story of Honey & Clover is ::realistic::. No, Takemoto didn’t get the girl. But that didn’t really matter that much in the end either. The words Toma conveyed as Takemoto in the ending really ring true and strong. 「うまくいかなかった恋、意味があるかな? 消えてしまったとなかったこと、同じじゃないかな? でも、今がわかる。意味があると。。。」I really think those are some wonderful lines there. I’m not quite sure if it was in the original manga since I never got around to finishing it but I like these words very much. Takemoto didn’t need to have Hagu return his feelings for his love to have meant anything. It was enough that he liked her the way he did and all the experiences he went through and the maturity he gained through it. ALL of it had meaning. It shaped his character, who he is today (or at least who he was by where the story ended ^^). I loved how in the end he said「そういう好きになってよかった。」It made me go ‘wow it wasn’t that pointless to see you go through all that and ::still:: not get the girl if you at the very least realised all this! XD’ haha. Just kidding, it’s all very touching. ^_~ I like it this way much better than if HaguxTakemoto actually happened. Much more realistic this way and it kinda brings a smile to your face. ^__^ How funny Hirai Ken-san is singing “smile smile smile” at this very moment in the song I’m listening to. I’m currently listening to the CANVAS CD now to complete the whole ハチクロfeel while I’m writing about it. ^^;; CANVAS is a wonderful song and it really fitted well with the drama and I love how the music fits perfectly at the right times. Especially the ending! The music matched perfectly with the images on the screen. My fav was Hagu standing amidst the Sakura falling (where she met Takemoto!) and she was starting to paint again with a shining smile on her face. I’m so impressed at the artistic-ness of it (is that a word???). Yah it was beautiful. ;__; The actress looked so pretty there. I’ve liked her since Ichirittoru but I had no idea she was so young, only 15! o_o But yeah she looked really pretty at that ending shot. As for the others, Morita didn’t finish his grad piece which made sense for him. He really didn’t need to graduate and I actually watched up to at least that in the anime! I know Morita went over 8 years at the uni cause he never finished his grad piece. XD For Ayumi I was pretty annoyed that she kept saying she’ll give up on Mayama but always never did. Well by the end she still didn’t but the end was more believable than all the pining and stuff she did throughout the whole drama! How she’s still not over Mayama, you don’t get over someone just cause they’ve gone away you know, but that she will someday eventually and Nomiya can help her through it. It’s not the most ideal situation but for Nomiya, hey he likes her so he’ll have to put up with it until she actually does get over Mayama! ^_~ Plus I think the actor who plays Nomiya is so hot! She’d be crazy not to go out with him! XD hehe. He really is good looking! Much better than Mayama who I think the actor looks too young for that type of character. At times the actor tries too hard to be cool and mature even though his face is not and his acting needs some work especially during the emotional scenes he has with Rika. The other thing I didn’t like that much, even in the manga too, was the relationship between Mayama and Rika-san. I’m not a big fan of older women x younger guys so didn’t really want them to get together. But the way the drama ended was ok. It didn’t hint at anything too certain. Just cause they’ll be working together in Spain, may or may not mean something. Rika-san may come to return Mayama’s feelings. She may not (I’m hoping not! XD), but at least she’s willing to not shoulder everything by herself and let herself rely on others too, which is a nice touch to her character who’s trying to move on with her life. And Mayama is able to be happy just staying by her side too. It’s also a nice realistic ending for them.

All in all, I love the ending to Honey & Clover the drama. I had my doubts during the series when I thought, ‘is watching this a waste of time?’ but now I’m really glad I watched the whole drama til the end and I must say I’m pretty satisfied with everything. When Toma (or rather Takemoto) said that the time he spent with everyone will eventually turn to memories, it really made me think of me and my own uni life with my friends now. I really should treasure the fun times now and not think too much about whether we’ll still be friends in the future (I think about that too much sometimes) like if we really can be best friends forever or anything like that and just enjoy the times we’re spending together now, cause before long they’ll eventually turn into memories. It’s a very humbling thought and I’d gladly rewatch the drama again if only to remind me of that fact. ^^

It also helps that I love Toma and that he did a great job as Takemoto!!! ^_~ Now I’m getting the urge to go back and finish the Honey & Clover manga/anime. Hehe if only to see whether it ended as well rounded and nice as the drama did. ^-^
Ok so FINALLY I've finished the new layout I made to celebrate Massu's 22nd birthday! It's taken AGES, so much so that now I'm 2 days late! Originally I wanted it put up on July 4th and I got the header graphic almost done but all the tweaking, font colours, pic aligning took way way WAY longer than I expected and hence it's only finished now. Plus Daddy's birthday is straight after Massu's so I had to spend all day celebrating dad's bday on the 5th, then I fell sick (mc and headache and everything) so rested in bed for the better part of the last 2 days hence why I still haven't done all the stuff I had wanted to do for Massu's bday!! Boo for RL interference~! >.< Luckily I managed to just write a super quick entry saying「 誕生日おめでとう!」 and my wish for him before July 4th ended! ^///^ Just like Massu says to Koyama ... よかった!間に合った!^^;;

So I've still got lots of stuff planned that I need to complete (and that'll all come later - I figure I'm already late doesn't matter if it's 1,2, or 3 days late!) but at least the layout's done! I'm quite proud of the way it turned out actually. Somehow I look at it and it just screams 'MASSU' (nevermind that the header IS full of Massu's pics! XD). All the pics are recent ones too so I can be lazy and not change the layout for a long time (my Shige one basically lasted the year! o_O) hahaha .. (!)

On another note, Daddy set up the karaoke for me today and I had SO MUCH FUN singing 僕のシンデレラ !! Seriously CUTEST SONG EVER!!! I always enjoy Tegomasu's single couplings. It's like it's not enough to have a great cover song but they also need to sing great wonderful cute and absolutely ADORABLE lovey-dovey coupling songs too hehe ... ~ go TEGOMASU! XD


Not surprisingly I didn't just change the whole layout but Massu is once again my default userpic! It seems I just can't stay away from Massu for too long if ever! XD
4th-Jul-2008 09:56 pm - マッスーの誕生日!!!

Happy Bday Kei-chan! XD XD XD

i'm glad I checked LJ today or i would've missed it! 24 already huh ... XD

--- hehe just my bday wishes on his news_jpop lj thread.
まだ三週間だけどもうすごく好きでファンになっちゃった!チョ~はずかしいけど。。。 >o<

already become default userpic. Nissy fast worms his way into his fans' hearts!

Massu's still my fav though and Shoon yup still love them both! ^_~

shortest post yet. i really need to study (like always) ...
10th-Dec-2007 01:23 pm - 太陽
It's quite impossible to describe what Taiyou means to me. Somewhere along the way he became more than just a jr idol to me. Somewhere along the way he stopped looking funny to me. Somewhere along the way I began to look at the sun and would immediately think 'Taiyou'.

Unknowingly I became emotionally attached to the point that I think I'm as fond of Taiyou as I am of Shoon. So when I learnt that Taiyou had left Johnnys, I felt ... well I dunno what I felt. I can't describe it because for the past 18 years I've never felt that emotion that I felt when I heard that bit of news. Sadness? Despair? I don't know. All I know is I felt things would never be the same. The news came at a really bad time too. I was just happy about my family having bought a new home and then I come home and my stupid inconsiderate sister ruins my mood by telling me Taiyou left. She didn't think of my feelings at all when she said it. Maybe Taiyou doesn't mean more to her than just a jr idol that didn't make it but to me he's so much more ...

Like many others I had hoped for some sort of Ya-Ya-yah reunion despite Hey!Say!JUMP debut thing. Something along the lines of Kanjani8 and NEWS where the members could be in both groups. I guess it was just too much to hope for. Once Taiyou left any hope of that is dashed. That's not to say I blame Taiyou though. No way. Not at all. I can't claim to understand exactly how he feels but I'd like to believe I understand a little. And if I were him I would've left Johnnys too. In fact I would've done so way sooner.

Taiyou was always someone I thought was too good. He's too nice, too naive, too innocent, too DAMN GOOD for the entertainment industry. He also has a nice family. In the Taiyou dokkiri ep Midori-sensei mentioned Taiyou's mom was well off and judging from the way Taiyou apologised to his mom in keigo shows he respects his mom a lot. Taiyou also mentions his grandma a lot like "Obaasan katta yo!" in one of the Johnnys Otoko Juku eps. And there's the baby pic of Taiyou and his sister Tsuki. I always thought Taiyou had the most fitting name for him and with his sister having a matching name was just too cute. I get the feeling that whoever named them was feeling quite poetic at the time. ^^;; But while some people hope we can see a Taiyou comeback in the form of an actor or modelling ... I don't. Not because I don't ever want to see Taiyou again. Of course I really really want to. But because I think he's better off not being in the genoukai. He's just too good. I don't want him to be corrupted. And most of all I don't want him to be hurt again. Showbiz is tough. It's all about who's popular and whatnot. Taiyou is too sensitive to these things and he gets hurt easily. Look at all the stuff he had to go though being in JE! Always being pushed to the back behind Yabu and Hikaru. He deserves so much more than that and I hate how they do that to him. I believe he stuck to it in Johnnys all these years is because of his friends (not just Ya3 but all juniors), his own dreams of being famous (cause who doesn't have this dream at some point in their life?), and the fact that he's still young. He's still in high school and hasn't reached the sort of 'debut' age yet so he stayed to wait it out. However the Hey!Say!JUMP thing which sort of revolutionised the whole debut system destroyed Taiyou's dreams of a debut.

The whole Hey!Say! thing emphasised HEISEI only which meant Shoon probably won't get a debut. And even though Taiyou is Heisei, it's like without the shell of his group Ya-ya-yah, Taiyou himself is not popular enough and would just be reduced to an unpopular undebuted junior who might be forced to backdance. I'd hate that and wouldn't want it for anyone much less Taiyou so I'm glad he decided to quit rather than take all this shit. I'm proud of his decision. Taiyou is still young and he'll have plenty of time to sort out whether he wants to try showbiz again or enter a different path. Personally with all the crap he's had to take from JE all these years I hope he doesn't come back. I really believe Taiyou is above all of that. He's such a sweet guy, he doesn't deserve to be hurt. The only way for Taiyou to come back and succeed is if he becomes stronger and more hardened to criticism. But if that happens that means Taiyou would've changed and I won't know if he's still the Taiyou I've grown fond of.

How ironic that today I'm sick so I have to stay home instead of go to work. This is the only time I have time to write down my feelings. I've been avoiding the fandom entirely for months now. I've been trying not to think of ya-ya-yah at all. Cause it just hurts dammit. Ya-ya-yah's disbanding has left a hole in my heart. Never again will I love a junior group as much as I love Ya-ya-yah. I don't think I'll ever let myself become as emotionally attached to a junior ever again. Because I just don't want to be hurt again. I'll never be able to see a live Ya-ya-yah concert. I'll never see Ya-ya-yah in person together as a group. I'll never get to see a junior group that I'm so fond of, debut into the real music industry and follow their progress from there. Ya-ya-yah will remain as a junior group forever. In my heart and memory it'll be one of the best damn junior groups in Johnny's EVER!!! But it'll be no more than that. And that just hurts!

I can't believe I missed Hikaru's 17th bday too ... It's true I've been absolutely 'missing' from the entire Johnny's fandom for months now but still ... I feel bad. But that's ok. Hikaru's debuted now. I'll see a lot more of him from now on anyway. *sigh* Thinking of Hikaru leads me back to Taiyou again. They're still in the same school, same class. Now one of them is not even in Johnny's anymore. Would Taiyou have to drop out of the trait course into a normal stream? Does that mean Taiyou would have to switch class? Would this break up Taiyou and Hikaru even more? I remember how happy they were as ichinensei. They'd just entered high school and were put in the same class and then Taiyou even became inchou. He wasn't a leader in Johnny's jr but Taiyou was leader of his class and I was so proud! I remember thinking 'Take that stupid johnnys! Who said Taiyou can't be a leader?! hah!'

Thinking of Horikoshi though ... maybe at Hikaru's graduation next year we'd get a glimpse of Taiyou! I remember seeing Shirotan at Yamapi's graduation and back then he wasn't even that famous yet! So maybe Hikaru will get an interview or something but the camera might pan across the hall and hopefully amongst the unknown faces we'd find Taiyou! Til then I'll cling on to this hope!

I also have one regret. I wished I had sent him a postcard while I still can. Sure I was busy with exams but if I only I had just taken a little bit of time out. Maybe it could've reached him in time. He officially quitted on November 30th. If only ... and now I'd never get the chance! If I send a letter it'll just get binned straight away. Because johnny doesn't have time to spare for those not in it anymore ...

So finally,

Taiyou I wish you all the best in your future.
If you decide to come back to the genoukai I would be overjoyed to see you again.
If you don't I'll be content knowing you have made the right decision.

For me, you'll always be remembered.

I love you Taiyou, you crazy pure-hearted kid!

Ya-Ya-yah lives on forever in our hearts!

3rd-Nov-2007 09:17 am - HAPPY 23RD BDAY RYO-CHAN!!! ^__^
I really should go to sleep now but since it's already the 3rd here I'll just make a quick entry!

誕生日おめでとう亮ちゃん!!!! ^O^

Wow time really flies doesn't it? I can't believe you're already 23!!! もうずいぶん大人だよ!
But lately it seems you like going back to your more childish side. I can see that and it's especially obvious in the weeek PV that I just watched and which is currently on loop! XD boy were you psycho there or what! But I still love you whether you're being sexy or cute!!! <333 except! when you bully Massu~ that's a nono! ^^ But I know it's all part of the MEMBER AI so I forgive you haha!!! It's great to see you so comfortable in NEWS now. Now if only Yamapi loosens up just a bit more ... won't you help your best friend pipi Ryo-chan??? =^-^=

Ryo-chan, for your birthday, I wish that Uchi comes back so he can make that crazy smile you have shine even brighter!!! *niko**niko* ^_____^

Until then I will hope with all my might!

Have a great bday you crazy sexy osaka man!!! ^o^
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