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kyuri-chan is 17 years old and a major AniMaGe fanatic ^o^ (that is I like anime, manga, and video games) and probably (as she is often told) spends way too much time on her 'hobby' (more like obsession) than she should. A love of anime (or basically all things japanese minus sumo wrestlers) drove her to learn Japanese and she's currently studying hard at it to become fluent one day(hopefully soon *crosses fingers*). She misses Japan extremely and wishes she could go back and drown herself in the Animate store in Shibuya again. She also has a habit of saying *cries forever* whenever something doesn't go her way.

And yes ... I just felt like referring to myself in third person today ... =^-^=

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So like um ... I'm 18 now. XD But I don't like changing my profile. It's cute like that! ^^;;

Also I'm going to have to add that I've fallen into the world of JE and haven't looked back since!

YUTOOOO~~!!! So damn cute! He's going to be the next Yamapi I just know it! Unless Kame turns him into badboy!Yuto ... NOOOOOOOOOO ~!

Shoon is <3 I'm in love with this guy! I seriously need to go to Japan and STALK him! *_*

And of course I love Yamapi! what's even better is tomapi! ^o^


Ooh and I need to mention my absolute fav NewS member. Shoon's honey and NewS resident piggy

**MASSU** ^o^

*squishes* I love Massu soooo much. I just go into total fangirl mode when I see him! I even endured that scary horror drama just for him. Gya~h that was a freaky story .. and it's REAL! But Massu saved the day! My hero! *hearts*

So now honey&darling are my no.1's!!! I can't believe my 2 fav JE guys are married! *sobs* Oh but they're so kyute(!) together!!! Yay for Ya-ya-yahxNews5!!! ^_____^

My next mission ... find out which uni Shoon goes to so I can apply to go on exchange there!!! hahahahaha!!!! XD XD XD

23/09/07: Shoon is rumoured to go to MEIJI DAI!!!! KWERITERAGNDSKJAjdshtwerio!!!!! Noooooo!!! Why meiji~?! My uni doesn't have an agreement with Meiji dammit!!! Must be koyama's influence! Either that or there's just a place in the JE contract that says if you're a Yamashita you need to go to Horikoshi and then Meiji .. ;_; Wa~h I wanna meet Shoon dammit!!!

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